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Family Walks in the Parc Serralada Litoral

Information's point of Can Lleonart guided walks:

For further information and registrations: Alella Tourist Office  (Phone: 93 555 46 50 or

Organizer: Consorci del Parc de la Serralada Litoral

Pricing: 0-8 years old free

             9-14 years old 2 euros

             from  15 years old  4 euros

           Grups ( més de 10 persones) 3 euros


Anem a fer un glop2

June, 9th 2019: Medicinal plants in spring

The visit will take place in one of the sections (inferior or superior) of the Sources area in the urbanized area of Mas Coll. One week before the departure the area will be specified based on the species of medicinal plants that can be found according to the season. The route is never too long, as there are frequent stops to comment on the plants found on the route and its characteristics and applications.

Observations: Approach by car is recommended, although it can be done on foot.

Timetable: From 10 am to 12 pm

Meeting point: Tourist Office

Approximate route: 2 km Incline: between 179 m and 200 m Duration: 2 h Difficulty: Low

Prices: 0-8 years: free

           9-17 years: 2 euros

           Adults: 4 euros

           Groups (more than 10 people): 3 euros

More information and inscriptions at: Oficina de Turismo de Alella (Tel. 93 555 46 50 or mail)

Passejada pel Parc de la Serralada Litoral

October, 13th 2019: The ancients roads of Alella

We will use one of the old paths that once connected Alella and Tiana to reach the old town of the neighboring village. There we will explain its origins, stories and anecdotes related to this town.

Meeting point: Tourist Office

Time: from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Outstanding elements: Alella Cemetery, Camí de Tiana, hermitage of the Virgen del Alegría, Can Cirera, Can Brossa.

Approximate route: 7 km. Incline: between 84 and 160 m. Difficulty: Low. Type of tour: Nature and Heritage.

Prices: 0-8 years free, 9-17 years: 2 euros, Adults: 4 euros, Groups (more than 10 people) 3 euros

More information and inscriptions at: Alella Tourism Office (Tel. 93 555 46 50 or mail)