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Diumenges de Vins. Enotast

Five years after its start-up, Enotast changes its course and is updated, converted into "Sundays of Wines", in order to attract more public from inside and outside the municipality and locate Alella at a point of Encounter of wine tourism in Catalonia. It will be the last Sunday of each month and an hour will start the start of the activity, from 1 to 12 p.m., in order to facilitate public assistance, both for the holiday and for a more suitable time so that you finish with time to make your meal at home or at the restaurant. Enotast is a small activity of up to 40 people, so that you can enjoy the wines, the pairing and the explanations of the sommeliers that dynamize each session.

Coinciding with the Enotast session, the Mostast is also held, a workshop for children from 3 to 12 years old, in which we try to convey the culture of wine, through a tasting of musts and crafts related to viticulture.

More information at the Tourist Office.

Tickets to the Enotast and the Mostast can be purchased in advance from this LINK

PRICE: 8 euros for Enotast.

FORE MORE INFORMATION: Tourist Office 93 555 46 50




Sunday, February 24, 2019. Sundays of Wines. Wine tasting. Brunch with Can Roda wines

Let yourself be seduced by two unique wines from the Can Roda winery with an exquisite brunch. An ideal moment to delve into its history and discover the nuances of wines born in the Vallès region.

Sommelier: Rebeca Ruiz

Wines: Escumós Brut Nature (Can Roda) and Merlot Cabernet Criança (Can Roda)

Pairing Km 0: Sweet and Salty 

From 12 to 13.30h

Place: Tourism Office. Price: 8 euros. Buy your tickets at enllaç

And at the same time for the children 'Farmer's calendar'. Traditionally, this calendar gave us many tips, for example, what to plant at all times. The youngest will have fun doing their own calendar where they will mark the most important dates: Kings, Carnival, anniversaries and holidays. In addition, following the advice of the calendar, they will plant a nursery home. All this while they learn different sayings from the field.

Place: Office of Tourism. Price: 4 euros. Buy your tickets at  link

More information

Març enotast

March, the 3rd 2018. Wine tasting. Calçots: a catalan tradition

Sommelier: Mercè Vizern

Wines: 3 de Testuan and La Besàvia (Els Bardissots)

Matching Km 0: Brandada and chocolate

Enjoy the pleasure of knowing what DO Alella has to offer us. Two wines made by the synergy between people and vineyards, accompanied by the statues of Íssim by Sandra Palazón and the vermuteria Xavi Estrany.

Price: 8 euros

From 12 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Place: Office of Tourism. Price: 8 euros. Buy tickets at this link

And at the same time for the children Sundays of Most. Mostast. What time is it?

Maridatge Km0: Bread and chocolate

Many of the facades of the farmhouse houses of Alella include sundials. Do you know how they work? The little ones of the house will discover its operation and will build one to take it home.