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If you come one or two days...
  • What can you do in Alella for one or two days?


    This suggestion will allow you to enjoy a pleasant day in Alella while getting to know its charm and what it has to offer. We recommend visiting a winery of Alella D.O., tasting our cuisine and getting to know the most characteristic elements of Alella's heritage.

    In the morning we suggest you to visit a winery of Alella D.O. and see how the vines are planted here, which are the most common varieties used, the wine-making process and finally taste the nuances of the wines of this area. There are 4 wineries in this municipality (Alella Vinícola, Alta Alella, Bouquet d'Alella and Roura). You can check the schedule for guided visits and for groups here.
    For lunch you will find several restaurant options, both in the centre of town as well as in the surrounding area. Choose whatever restaurant you fancy.

    In the afternoon we suggest a walk around the town to visit the most characteristic spots. With the self-guided tour "Alella, 1,000 years of history" you will travel through the history of Alella, from the Middle Ages to the beginning of the XX century. We will surprise you!

    Visit the wineries of Alella D.O.  Architecture: Masia Can Lleonart


    Two days in Alella gives you plenty! You will be able to relax in the peace and quiet of the town, you will be in touch with nature and you will enjoy our gastronomy.

    First day

    We suggest to start the first day with a star activity: wines and history. So, to start off the day you can visit the mirador del Bosquet (Bosquet Lookout)  to enjoy good views surrounded by vineyards. Then you can visit an Alella D.O. winery or sign up for any of the wine experiences organised in the municipality.  
    At lunch time you could go for a walk and choose the restaurant you fancy most.
    After lunch, stretch your legs and take a walk on the heritage itinerary "Alella, 1,000 years of history" where you will also see the most attractive spots of the town.
    If you are spending the night, don't forget Alella has accommodation.

    Second day

    The Serralada Litoral Park touches the municipality of Alella and offers several marked itineraries. We suggest spending the morning on a themed itinerary of the Park or the GR (Gran Recorregut - Long distance) path.
    After the walk, to regain your strength, make a stop at one of our restaurants. There are some close the Park or you can come down to the town. They are all good options!
    If you do not fancy to walk, you can go to the Centre d'Acollida Turística (CAT) d'Alella, Teià i El Masnou - (CAT Information Centre), and visit the Archeological Park Cella Vinaria, a Roman cellar from the I century AC to V BC.

    Parc de la Serralada Litoral  Vallmora Edifici